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Art  06/23/04

Art 07/06/04


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My Coloring Style

This are images that I have colored. Some images I have drawn some of them I just colored for a friend and some I just grab from books or internet. I color this images in photoshop7. Hope everyone likes them.


The Return of The Queen



Heavent Sent


My first time coloring comic style(2001)

Pencils by Michael Turner

Pencils Michael Turner

Pencils Adam Hughes

Pencils Ed Benes Colors me.

Pencils Ed Benes and u know I did the colors

Pencils Michael Turner and Colors me.

Pencils by Maia from Brazil, colors by me

Colors by me

Pencils Frank Cho and Colors me

Pencils and Color done by me

Pencil and colors are done by me.

Line art and goloring by me.

Line art by Michael Turner, coloring by Andres

Aspen 2

Fathom. Line art by Michael Turner

Hanna Dundee. Line work by Frank Cho.