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Art  06/23/04

Art 07/06/04


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 This one took me around 2 hours. Use Photoshop 7.

Pencils Michael Turner, Inks by Shadow a.k.a RebeccaSX, Colors me.

Chastity's Fury

This one took me 2 hours, its a quick one. Line art bye Ed Benes.


Shirt off

Well this one took me a little more than 2 hours to color. The art is from Pop Mhan, he is one of my favorites artist.

Deadly Swords.

This one took me a couple of hours to color. The pencils where done by Pop Mhan comic book artist, hes got a cool web site.



On this one I want it to try to be more rough and dull colors, Im happy with this one. Pencils by Adam Hughes.

Chastity in the Mood

 Hi everyone, the pencils are Ed Benes one of my favorite artist of all time. Colors are done by me, it took me 3 hours. Hope you like it.

Sex Appeal

 Hi everyone the pencils and coloring where done by me. Took me 2 hours done in photoshop 7. Is just a quick sketch.