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Art  06/23/04

Art 07/06/04


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This one took me around 4 hours, I did everything, pencils and colors. Trying to get a signiture style for my self, but I cant get it yet. Well tell me what you think.

Linda O'neil

I did the art and the colors, took me about 3 1/2 hours. I got some reference from the internet to get the pose.

Catwoman's Claw Test

One of my friends did the art, his name is Bill White, he was inspire by Michael Oeming. I did the colors it took me 2 hours, trying out this new style and I like it.


Vampirella skulls

This one one took me 4 hours because I was trying new things. Pencils by Buzz, colors me.


This image took me 2 hours to color. The art is by Buzz, he is sick one of the best.

Lil Retro Patriot

This one took me 2 hours to color. The art is from Joel Adams. I like his style but this is the first time me coloring something of him. Hope you like it.